Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 16, 2021

Need a Tow Truck?

The very last thing to move from a property that just sold was a car. It had been there a while and it was thought that it just needed a new battery and fuel. That wasn’t quite enough.

The next day a mechanic showed up. One look under the hood and he discovered it had been a mouse hotel. Time to call Triple A. The first driver was a little late, finally arriving at 10:15 pm. He wasn’t too enamored with it being so dark up here. (That’s what happens at that time of night.) He went home as fast as he could.

The second guy came the next day and wasn’t comfortable with it being on a dirt road. He asked to have it towed to the paved road. Since we know this John Deere tractor driver, we were going to see what we could do about that request. Meanwhile he said he had other calls to take “in the area” so he left!

Escrow had CLOSED, the new owners were very patient, thankfully, the third time was a charm!

S&S Towing to the rescue. They are out of Temecula. Blaine made it look so easy. He had that car connected and was heading down the mountain in just a few minutes. He likes dirt roads. He likes the back country and was a pleasure to deal with. When you need towing service for Palomar day or night, he is your guy 951-234-4004.

Bonnie Phelps

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