Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 16, 2021

Free Chipper + Real Estate is Rolling!

Update: Chipper was spoken for immediately. There’s as much as a demand for chippers as there are for cabins, homes, lots and land on Palomar!

Who wants this free chipper? Last owner said it was in working condition, present owner hasn’t tried it. AS IS and free. You can check it out and pick it up over on Crestline. Just let me know.

Just opened 4 new title reports today. I always get title started first thing since we often have short escrows this time of year. Everyone wants to get to their cabin for spring and summer fun! Should have four new cabin listings up for you in a few days, too.

One is a fixer that wins the prize for needing the most fixing EVER! It is not even on it’s own land!!!

Two different, charming cabins, each come with 4 acres of privacy. Another has had some design work and remodeling to open up to take in a delightful view.

A small parcel is coming up and three of these new title reports are for little lots in hopes an adjoining neighbor will scoop them up.

Just as soon as the tree guys, road grading crew, painter, handyman and house cleaners wave their magic wands, we’ll get these available for new neighbors to claim and join us here on the mountain.

Weill keep you posted! Meanwhile, who wants this just-in-time-for-spring-clean-up, chipper?

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor


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