Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 11, 2021

Ca$h plea$e for Plowing

We didn’t have as much snow as promised but I think there are quite a few of you might need plowing. Jeremy Dyson has been busy plowing and I spoke to Ron Bowen on the phone. Ron said she told some of you he is off-mountain, but changed his mind so is on his way to plow. His first job tomorrow is plowing from Crestline out to the last cabin past Borland’s on Birch Hill, so everyone between will benefit. If you have a driveway along the way that you would like to have cleared, be sure to let him know. Ron did ask me to let you know that he doesn’t invoice and it is ‘cash at time of service’ please. Guessing that very busy, Jeremy would be very content with cash, too.

Call or text the Snow Plow Guys:

Ron Bowen cell 619 206-3347 or at the cabin 760-742-2468

Jeremy Dyson voice or text 760-300-0345

Thanks also to some of friendly neighbors with plows that have helped out along the way!   

Bonnie Phelps

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