Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 9, 2021

Nate Harrison Virtual Exhibit via Zoom

Nate Harrison is really in the news these days! I can’t help but wonder what he would think about folks signing up for a virtual tour of his history and homestead on a Zoom Webinar. I think he’d chuckle and shake his head with a big smile. In just 10 days you have a chance to take a behind the scenes tour of the San Diego exhibit bearing his name. Click to reserve your spot and then sit back in your easy chair for a peek of Palomar History:

Over 100 students have participated in an archeology dig where he lived for many years on what is now called Nate Harrison Grade. Click to see some of what will be included in the Virtual Exhibition of one of our most colorful pioneers on Palomar.

Here is more of Nate from the Palomar Mountain News archives:

Nate Harrison Plaque photo

Rich and Lois Day owners of Nate Harrison Ranch 1969 to 1990

Spectacular Poppies on Nate Harrison Grade

Peter on-site at Nate’s Dig and lots of link to Nate Harrison info

Peter and Kathy at book signing for Born a Slave, Died a Pioneer

Nate Harrison in the News

Palomar History with Nate Harrison Archives by Peter Brueggeman

Happy Reading!

Bonnie Phelps


  1. Thanks for all this! I really enjoyed the article in the Archeology magazine you sent yesterday.

    Laurie Gerber


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