Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 8, 2021

Plowing tips for snow on the way

If the weatherman is right, we could be looking out to snow about this deep by the end of the week. NOAA is having fun upping their snow predictions. Last night they said a possibility of up to 16 inches, this morning it changed to maybe 19 inches but it just changed again with the possibility of 12 to 27 inches by Friday night. The month of March historically has the most snow fall. This much snow is fun for the kids but is a lot of work for the locals needing to get around.

Our last snow had quite a few cars snowed in for a while. A storm is comin’ so be sure to park off a main road if you need to get out right away, put your wipers up and have a shovel in the trunk to clear the berm.

Do you own a Vacation Rental? Quite a few neighbors have talked to me to encourage owners to plan parking for your travelers, on your own property during snow. We have so many more full-timers now (hooray and welcome to all), so parking next to the main roads is very limited. The last snow had some folks very inconvenienced with roads and driveways blocked by vehicles and pricey tow bills. It is always best if guests have four wheel drive vehicles. We’ve had guests rent through car rental agencies like and make their holiday even more fun and a lot safer on icy roads. Even with 4WD, they also need chains and understand that driving back in some of these areas could still get them in a tough situation.

Who Plows Snow? The County Road crew does a great job plowing our public roads. Just off the phone with the foreman, James. He said because of covid they are half-staffed so down to 4 people. However, because of the storm coming, he will double his crew to have at least 4 plows running. They work 12 hour shifts so it is pretty taxing. Even though there is a benefit to be parked close to the road, James asked me to pass on his request: “Please park your cars a few feet back off the pavement to give the plows some working room”. They need a place to push the snow and not damage your vehicles. The County Road crew plows the main roads only.

Who plows snow for driveways? Alas, we have only two options for you to have your driveway plowed. Sometimes the timing might not be what you’d like so you’ll want to plan ahead. Be sure to leave a message for these busy guys if they don’t answer live:

Jeremy Dyson voice or text 760-300-0345

Ron Bowen cell 619 206-3347 or at the cabin 760-742-2468

Thinking of having your own Snow Plow? We could use some more snow plow drivers! It could make getting to and from your own property so much easier, perhaps you might welcome the write-off, plus, you could make some extra cash. You can get attachments for the front end of a heavy duty 4WD to attach your plow. Heading down to work? You can also drive with your plow to the city, come back up and plow your way home. If you would like to plow for other folks, your investment might come back to you pretty quick. Glad to connect you with some folks to get questions answered.

Are you a Tourist wanting to play in in the snow? Please click for LOTS of info to make your snow day a happy day to remember. #1 Tip:- Avoid weekends. Try to come mid-week for much less drama, a better chance for a place to park and be sure to plan ahead so you take your trash back with you. THANK YOU!

Thinking of listing your Home, Cabin, Ranch or Land? That cowboy I’m married to, has plowed parking spots for my listings these past 20+ years. Ah, to be able to park to show property as “There is no business like Snow Business…” I have sooooo many buyers waiting in the wings for their dream to come true. Let’s get your questions answered.

We are so blessed to be on this mountain with all the fun of the Four Seasons. Hope you can enjoy this next Winter Wonderland!

Bonnie Phelps on Storm Watch…

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  1. Hi Bonnie
    I might have already told you, in 1948 the Observatory recorded 120″ of snow!

    • 10 feet of snow in one year!!! Amazing! Think there was another big record-breaker in the 1950’s, too. Bring it on!!! Thanks Doug!

  2. Thanks, Bonnie☃️

    On Mon, Mar 8, 2021 at 11:50 AM Palomar Mountain News wrote:

    > Bonnie Phelps posted: ” If the weatherman is right, we could be looking > out to snow about this deep by the end of the week. NOAA is having fun > upping their snow predictions. Last night they said a possibility of up to > 16 inches, this morning it changed to maybe 19 inches b” >

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