Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 21, 2021

Bald Eagles on Palomar

From: Robert Dowell 

Well, I had a heck of a day yesterday.  I was working down on the land that is new to me, placing a stake to mark the boundary.  My dog, Siggy was up the hill somewhere, when all of a sudden I heard screaming or a screeching sound.  Like a big bird was attacking or being attacked by something.  I called Siggy thinking she got into it with some kind of raptor, when suddenly two large birds flew right over me, circling overhead.  And they continued this screeching, but I had never heard this sound on my land before.  Different from a hawk.  Then I saw them, two Bald Eagles.  Amazing.  I didn’t know we had those here.  I snapped about five pictures above and through the trees and, luckily, managed to get one of them in flight in only one  picture.  And since there were two of them, chasing each other around and screeching, there may be a nest on my land.  That is extremely rare, with only one found in San Diego County between 1930 and 2005.  And only a few found since then. 



    Bald eagles are at Lake Wohlford and Lake Hodges


    • Thank you Elizabeth. We’ve seen them at Henshaw, too. Beautiful birds.

  2. Nice birdies.

  3. Hello Big Jim, Yes, all clear to your cabin. I’m also glad to check on it anytime. 🙂

  4. Sounds like fun to me. Can I get to our cabin to check on anti-freeze??? Jimbo

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