Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 18, 2020

Gift ideas – Arlene’s Books

Some wonderful gift ideas with ties to the mountain have come my way.

Most of you remember our Annual Volunteer Fire Department Barbecue. For many years, Bob and Arlene Shuster brought up their big BBQ, tending the delicious beef we all enjoyed the next day. You might have seen Shuster Oil trucks up here as they deliver gas and diesel for those with their own tanks. Wearing many hats, Arlene is also a busy author. She just published her third book! So, there are three to choose from! Details on the latest are below and you can click to order here: Grandma’s Old Trunk Living Alone, Joy for Women who are Single Again Living Alone, Choices for Women who are Single Again

From: Arlene Shuster
Subject: Grandma’s Old Trunk

My Dear Friends,

Here’s a wonderful under $10 gift idea for the little ones in your life.  The illustrations were painted by Gail Niebrugge, Alaska’s most famous and beloved artist. She’s known world wide for her pointillism technique.

I wrote the whimsical story. Robbie Adkins-Polk, award winning graphic designer, lovingly put the book in the format for Amazon publishing.

Gail, Robbie and I are first cousins and share the same grandmother.  Each of us followed our grandmother’s advice, which is what the book is about.  The book is worth Gail’s artwork alone.  I can’t afford her originals of any size!

Grandma’s Old Trunk just hit the Amazon market! 

Hope you enjoy,

Arlene Shuster

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