Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 4, 2020

Need a charge? SDG&E Power Outage

Palomar is one of quite a few areas with power out until maybe Friday or Saturday night because of high winds. These strong winds have sure performed! Solar panels went flying and two gazebos took off like Dorothy’s House in the Wizard of Oz. It is estimated that power might be back on Saturday or Sunday night. Time will tell.

Several neighbors have been concerned about food in their refrigerator and freezers. Apparently it lasts only about 12 hours. One idea might be to take your frozen food to a friend’s home in an area that has room and power on. Sorry I didn’t get this idea to you earlier. Our internet was out, too but now all up and running.

I love the attitude of a couple vacation rental people, enjoying Palomar now and also on their way tomorrow. The couple here now boiled water for bathing – even though they were offered our guest shower. They planned a fun rim hike in the State Park and just enjoying the change from the city. The folks on the way are so looking forward to their ‘glamping’ experience. They’ll have smores supplies to make in the fireplace, being unplugged, playing some board games, the adventure of hiking to visit local farms and buy some of Glenn’s Organic Coffee, Cecelia’s Cheese and all the mountain has to offer.

Our generator will be humming over the next few days. You are welcome to stop by to charge your phones or computers, use our free internet hot spot, or enjoy a cup of hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate from our free beverage bar.

If you don’t know our location, please message me. Everyone is welcome.

Bonnie Phelps

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