Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 23, 2020

Welcome Cor and Toby – New Neighbors AGAIN!

About a dozen years ago, Cor and Toby just had to have a cabin on Palomar.  Experiencing the Four Seasons at their cabin in the woods, created lots of happy memories for their family with four kids.  Time flew by and now they already have four grandchildren! With the desire to retire on Palomar, they wanted a change and initially thought they would like to tackle a fixer.  When they came up to see cabins a few weeks ago, they had a budget for something they could breathe new life in and make their own.  I do happen to have keys to a few pocket listings so we toured those gems but nothing seemed to fit what they had in mind.  Even though they are both very creative and can do just about anything, we didn’t find the perfect fixer. 

It was pretty quiet as we were driving back.  Then I had an idea! 

I’d just posted the beautiful log home, back in on Bailey Road.  Since I never know for sure what folks are really going to end up with, I always promise a ‘Tour of Palomar’.  I decided to show them the ‘eye candy’.  So, I piped up with, “I know a place you would LOVE!”.  I keep driving without saying another word… turned up the driveway and stopped in front of that beautiful log home.

Cor was sitting in the passenger seat and with a big smile on his face he said, “SOLD!”.

It took Toby a little longer, reminding him of the price range they had set.  Seconds later they decided they could figure things out and make it work as they were walking up the steps to their dream-come-true log home.  Come to find out, Toby’s dad talked about having a log home for years, so this is for Gary!

Both Cor and Toby have worked in the water industry.  After retiring they happen to be back working again, so picked out locations for desks at their new home.  Cor is starting new position with Camp Pendleton and Toby is looking at work-at-home opportunities in the water industry.  Meanwhile, the neighbors spotted Cor’s tractor and were impressed with what he did to their cabin driveway. Cor volunteered to help Bailey Mutual Water Company with road access.  Great couple to have up here full time!   

Their family is excited, enjoying the peacefulness of nature on the mountain and anticipating all the fun in store.  After hanging out with the turkeys, deer and bats at their log cabin, the Smith Mountain Boys were a draw Friday night with the group from Palomar.  Cor and Toby have also met many of their mountain neighbors in the Baileys and have tasted the competition of dominos along with amazing gourmet mountain food.

A warm welcome to Cor and Toby!

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