Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 14, 2020

Call for Free Chipping!

Have some brush to chip? Thanks to our Fire Safe Council for securing another grant for free chipping! With all that rain and snow over Easter things really had a growth spurt! Let’s all work together to make our properties and this beautiful mountain more fire safe.

When you are trimming brush and trees for chipping, please be sure to have the cut ends facing a road where a big chipper and truck can easily access and turn around.

From: Cecelia Borland, Fire Safe Council Free Chipping Grant

The single best way to protect your property/home is to clear all brush out to 100′ away from structures and along roads for 15′! The biggest problem with clearing your place is what to do with the brush. The Palomar Mountain Fire Safe Council has a grant for free chipping! Please call me for free chipping!

Robert Carlyle



  1. That’s a good idea, and mulch the chips back in.

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