Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 30, 2020

Kitty and Peter

Kitty and Peter

What a pleasure to meet Kitty Lasner and Peter Brossler.  Such a sweet story.  They pulled in at Woodpecker Firewood Stand.  Out on a day trip, they didn’t need any wood but Peter asked if there happened to be a washroom available for Kitty.  Well, of course!

We had the nicest visit. They met 70 years ago when Peter came from Austria to visit for just a year.  He enjoyed his time so much that he is still here, with occasional visits back to visit his family and friends on the other side of the world.

Kitty and her husband took him in.  He has always remembered how kind she was.  But, they lost touch.  Peter was married for 57 years and at a birthday party, coincidentally, they reconnected and their friendship was renewed.  Kitty’s husband had passed away, and Peter was so thrilled to learn Kitty was doing well and living in Ramona, California.  Peter drove out three times from his home in Chicago and has been here since June.  Kitty is blind now and Peter gets to be her eyes.

Kitty celebrated her 97th birthday in July.  They are enjoying each other so much and look forward to small excursions in the “wild, blue yonder”, including beautiful Palomar that reminds Peter of the mountains and trees of his homeland.

Peter and Kitty are welcome back anytime.

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