Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 3, 2020

Woodpecker Firewood Stand ALWAYS Open


Thinking about it, our grandkid’s Woodpecker Firewood Stand is the only business open 24/7 on Palomar! This mountain-made stand has been continually stocked and frequented since Fall of 2017.

These past few months especially, it is so nice to see someone pull up to the stand.  I love to go out, welcome the customers and hear their story.  During the last storm, I recognized Steve, a property appraiser.  He was appraising a home and said he remembered the Woodpecker Firewood Stand from his last appraisal up here.  He was glad the kids had the stand stocked with dry wood as he hadn’t been able to find firewood for sale in the city.

Mike Pique is a frequent customer.  He even hopped on over on Easter Sunday when the ‘Woodpeckers’  happened to be in their car, just pulling out.  Fun times!

A nice couple came up from San Clemente to see property the other day.  Keeping their distance, they just had to go home with some Woodpecker Firewood.

Yes, these hard-working kids have had extra time to build up quite an inventory stocked away in their sheds.  They are pleased to be of service, appreciate your business and would be tickled pink for you to stop by for a pic at their photo booth, post and like them on Facebook.  Thank you so much!




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