Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 2, 2020

Real Estate Needs


Considering selling your home, ranch, cabin or lot or land?

There are a lot of folks out there longing for a weekend retreat away from the craziness of the cities.  Some folks have also realized how effective it was to work from home.  I’ve talked to some who had their kids in public school, but now appreciate how much less time it takes to home-school and have enjoyed extra time with their kids.  People are realizing now for many jobs, good internet is all they need, so they are looking to make a move away from the cities. Seeking a lifestyle change for the good, these folks are pretty envious of what we have up here on Palomar.

Folks are wanting to get their family back to some old-fashioned values and enjoy time together on this beautiful mountain.

I’ve realized over the past month or so, I averaged a showing a day but so little for sale!!!  We just opened escrow for my last active cabin listing with several backups on the file.  Cash buyers are open to fixers. Plus, historically low interest rates are available so it is a great time to list and make a move!

Considering selling or buying? Let’s connect!



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