Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 27, 2020

Your PMPO Newsletter is here!

mike pique workstation

Every year the Palomar Mountain Planning Organization (PMPO) produces a newsletter. It is a LOT of work from lots of folks with all sorts of info from all the boards that contribute to the workings of the Mountain. Until now, after printing, volunteers would gather and have a fun day with an assembly line, collating, folding, labeling, stamping and getting over 500 newsletters in the mail to you.  This year it was a party of one.  Mike Pique volunteered to process our newsletters from his deck, enjoying his view while listening to tunes from his retro-style radio.  THANKS Mike!

Click for a pdf of the PMPO_2020_Newsletter

In addition, Mike mailed 340 to off-mountain addresses today. 237 post office box holders will get one tomorrow.

Do you have a change of address since last year?

Are you new to the mountain and would like to have a newsletter via mail?

Would you rather get it electronically from now on?

Please send your contact info to with your preferences and you’ll be all set.

Keep reading for a note from board member, Michael Walsh:

Hi Mike,

A hearty Thank You to both you and to Susan Humason for all the hard work that went in to getting the PMPO Newsletter completed, and launched! I know several others helped and of course thanks to the authors of the articles, but I also know this would never have happened if you hadn’t personally stepped up (once again!) and shown the leadership and the commitment that we very much appreciate, but don’t say often enough. The PMPO Board and the Palomar Community is very fortunate to have you, thanks again for another job very well done!

Best regards,

Michael Walsh



  1. Dear Bonnie,

    Thanks very much for sharing the PMPO newsletter in such a cheerful and helpful way, and thanks for pointing out the great effort of our hero, Mike Pique!

    Really appreciate all that you do to keep and hold the Palomar community together as well. You as well give so very much of yourself back to this community. Thanks again,

    Best regards,

    Michael Walsh 858-213-4115


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