Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 19, 2020

We are with you Eriksen Family

Eriksen Family Palomar Mountain

One of our much-loved families is moving!  Jamey Eriksen started at the Observatory in 2012 as Support Astronomer and is now the Supervisor of the Electrical Group.   Stacy and the oldest girls joined him in 2015. Two daughters, Rowan and Molly were soon joined by little Astrid. They have lots of friends on Palomar and are such smart and kind girls and will really be missed.
Congratulations to Jamey for his promotion as the new Director of Operations at Apache Point Observatory in Cloudcroft, New Mexico! They are heading out the first week in June where they will most likely be living next door at Sunspot Solar Observatory. It’s the tall structure to the far right in the photo in the distance. And it’s all overlooking White Sands National Park, out to the top left:

Apache Point Observatory, Cloudcroft, NM

Stacy made many moms (and grandma’s, too) so happy up here when she started Palomar Mountain Kids Club. Each week was something very special with story time for the littles and many fun activities for our kids and youth. She orchestrated everything from outdoor hikes to poetry recitals and graduations. The kids learned how to build solar ovens, do great crafts, play games, had behind-the scenes tours of the Observatory and Post Office, climbed up in the fire trucks, met the fire department and forestry service crews and even Smokey the Bear. We’ll continue with the foundation Stacy laid and are forever grateful with wonderful memories of all the great times:

kids club
Cloudcroft is another beautiful mountain-top town at 9,000 feet. A lot of the same beauty and even more as it’s a little bigger with a library, playground, gas station, grocery store and choice of restaurants! Instead of mountain lions, they have bears! In fact, the original Smokey Bear came from that mountain range in New Mexico.

We wish we could have a big party with lot of hugs. Please join me with virtual mountain hugs and love and let the Eriksen Family know “we are with you, no matter where you are”:


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