Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 18, 2020

Hi Ho Cabin Angels and History


Meet the Cabin Angels, Doug Morehead and Anne Schafer!  Reluctantly, Ed and Kathy Trudersheim let go of their family cabin after four generations of happy memories.  They were so thrilled to hear of Doug and Anne’s plans to restore their treasured cabin that Ed named them the ‘Cabin Angels’.

It was so fun for the prior owners to come up and meet the newest keepers of Hi Ho Cabin.  They decided to pull the old wood stoves out of the basement.  Dudley 322 was on the front of the original stove and D22 1826 was on one leg of the stove.  A quick search found the Dudley Wood Burning Box Stove might have been made in Nashville, Tennessee. That box stove just might go back inside one of these days as a lamp table.

Ed complied old photos and wrote some family history as a keepsake.  I asked to share as I thought some of you would enjoy it too.  Click for A Photo History of the Hi Ho Cabin and the Plaid Sofa

Wayne and Anne, also known as A&W ’round the mountain, are so excited with their latest project.  They have been happy as can be ‘sheltering in place’ next door and are finishing up transforming a guest cabin on their property.  Perfect timing for Hi Ho! They love Palomar and were so tickled to be first in line and now the newest owners.  In no time at all, they got the water running, water heater working, cleaned out the Ben Franklin stove and built their first fire.  The mice have been encouraged to move elsewhere, the curtains were washed and hanging up, the top layer of dust and acorns were swept away just in time for the photo with the plaid sofa:


Ahh, many more good times to come at Hi Ho!

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