Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 2, 2020

Telescope for New Neighbor, Brad!


It was fun to have the seller of Grandpa’s Cabin offer the family telescope for the new owner-to-be.  Trisha asked, “Do you think he’d like it?”   Oh, yes!!!

As a Realtor, apparently I am one of those folks that is allowed to be ‘essential’ and out and about.  Oh, such a grand excuse to drive over to Del Mar and pick up that telescope!We had to put the top down on Mr. Blue and that big box just fit!  Now, to surprise the buyer, but first we had to get his escrow closed!!!

A lot happened in a week!  The surveyor finished the legal description for a shared driveway easement.  The very nice neighbor, Bill Redman notarized the deed.  Our local contractor, Tom Fortney waved his magic hammer and saw doing some last minute repairs.  We’d had Robert Carlyle and tractor there for a second trimming of the brush after all these storms. The septic cert, property inspection and chimney sweep reports were on file and ready for review.  Title sent the updated plotted easement, escrow docs were signed and delivered and we closed today!


Meet Brad Mills!  He was thrilled opening up his gift from Pat and Lydia Jones’ family.  He will treasure the telescope and all the books on Palomar that they included.  He is also looking forward to meeting Pat and Lydia’s daughter, Trisha, and her brother Jon, when they can visit the cabin one of these days. Brad is standing pretty close to where their Great Grandparents stood for a cabin photo in 1921.

When Brad told me this afternoon he was coming up to spend the night.  I asked where he planned on sleeping?  Oh, he said he’d just use one of the beds in the bedroom.  (Oh noooooooo!)  I asked if I could run over, grab the bedding, wash and return for him.  You see, the cabin came with free pets (he knew about the pets, but…)!  I had to confess that over the past few months, I had swept acorns and mice droppings off that bedding.  Whew, I made it back just in time so all was well when he arrived.

Brad came up with his car packed full of supplies for the next few days.  The cabin and shop were left furnished to move right in. He has great plans for all sorts of projects, putting to use the tools in the very well-stocked workshop.  Brad already met neighbors, Mitch and Sarah Peters with their daughter Giana, and talked about planting apple trees with another neighbor Alex Marlay.  All three neighbors are full time!  Imagine that!  Palomar is really changing with a growing number of full-timers seeking a safe haven living on this beautiful mountain!  When you see Brad out and about, be sure to say hello!

A warm welcome to our Newest Neighbor!

Bonnie Phelps,

At your Service for all your Real Estate and Laundry needs!

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