Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 17, 2020

Mountain Music New Neighbors


When Beezie and Laurie rented a cabin up here they knew they would like their very own.  They called to see what was for sale and even the name of ‘Mountain Music’ was so attractive to them.  When they walked into the cabin and Beezie saw the album covers framed on the wall, he said to himself “I get this”.  So, they did!

Beezie was a career guitarist playing jazz and pop styles.  His claim to fame is that he is great sight-reader.  He played for Joan Rivers first, then many national acts from Martha and the Vandellas, to Bob Hope, Leslie Gore and Clay Aiken, San Diego Symphony and La Jolla Playhouse.  He also gave lessons and had lots of students.

One day a very cute new student arrived.  Laurie’s lessons didn’t last too long because her teacher cut into her practice time.  They have been married 34 years now and during that time she worked with software translation for 25 years.  A encore career arrived as a personal chef and a restaurant line chef at the Catamaran Resort.  (It is sooooooooo wonderful to have another chef up here!!!)

They stopped by for keys today and their car was packed full with no room left for even a toothpick!  What was packed in first?  Oh, a tiny amp and an instrument so they are all set to continue making Mountain Music!

They did take off with a basket on Laurie’s lap with fresh fruit from David and Lise’s trees.  They were the former owners and selling the cabin was bitter-sweet as they loved it so much and making music was such an important part of their 14 years on the mountain. I had to take their pic yesterday with the Palomar in the background from their patio in Vista.


David and Lise have many memories sitting on their mountain patio enjoying the music of the forest, watching deer, wild turkeys and the wide variety of birds.  Now those front row seats go to Beezie and Laurie.  I do believe there will continue to be many standing ovations at Mountain Music.



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