Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 10, 2020

Palomar Mountain Closed + Snow Pix

IMG_2924   IMG_2925

Palomar Mountain is closed.  Not because of the snow.  Palomar is closed because of Coronavirus. Folks love to come up after a snow, but not this time. So sorry to be the bearer of this news.

The Observatory, Nate Harrison Grade, Mother’s Kitchen, General Store, State Park and all Campgrounds are closed.  Local traffic, residents and land owners need to be ready to show their resident visor hanger, a copy of their deed or electrical bill as everyone is to stay home.

This storm brought us about 10 inches of rain/snow/slush so far and falling heavy all morning.  The good news for us on State Park Road is that it is not accumulating at all.  When I see the plow go by, it looks like he is plowing a waterfall. Don’t think any of us are snowed in.  Even though it looks inviting out there, it is warmer, very wet and not a good snow for sledding, if that makes you feel a little better.

Also, I’ve seen Deputy Sheriffs out patrolling.  We have a lookout I see from my desk, across from our house. Yesterday, a deputy pulled in there and got out to enjoy the view.  Eventually a car I didn’t recognize, drove by, the deputy turned and looked.  The car was heated to the State Park and turned around at the Road Closed signs.  A couple minutes later the car came back, cruising along.  I’ve seen just a few cars the past week or so and guessed they were just out for some fresh air and really felt for them.  They picked a beautiful area, but the deputy was waiting, pulled out to follow them and turn on his lights because of the stay-home order.

Like to have a change of view? There are many photos waiting for you of fun snow days on  From the Snow page, here is one that might be the deepest snow on record for Palomar;  The Deep Snow of 1949.     From there, you can click through links to see many more pages of special snow days on Palomar.  Plus a video is waiting for you below…

Happy clicking through our snow today!

Have a blessed Easter Weekend,

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor



  1. reminds me 1980, off Cresline Rd. Fun with my shovel

  2. that happned to us i 1980 fun w shovel time.

  3. Happy Easter to u as well. God bless. Chuck and Randy

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