Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 26, 2020

Free Cabin with purchase of TP and Soap!

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Welcome to Hi Ho Cabin. The owner has decades of happy memories with family and friends on Palomar; fishing in Doane Pond, games around the table and lots of good eatin’.   That was his dad’s Cadillac parked out front about 60 years ago. Sorry to say, the car isn’t included.  Whew!  That classic would really up the price!$!

Lots of love is needed for this vintage cabin. It comes with free pets! Critters are very happy here – even a bobcat who apparently lives in the basement!  (Bob has it made, as it is nice and dry in there)!  Air conditioning is available for those warmer days.  The woodpeckers have had quite a time storing their acorns in the walls. Oh, and there are some broken windows that are helpful for a nice breeze, too! The roof leaks a bit so you have a lovely water feature!  However, there’s a newer, permitted (!) septic system, all new electrical in conduit (the mice weren’t happy about that addition) and a recorded survey. A real plus, is an amazing flock of birds that call this little hamlet, home. Listen to their latest chorus, below.

So, here is the great news! A very special find in a bathroom drawer was some (drum roll!!!) toilet paper and a few bars of soap. Those can be yours for just $75,000 and you get a FREE cabin! Imagine that!

Click for all the MLS info and photos, including a peek inside that drawer of valuable essentials!!!

So, here’s the not-so-good news for many of you: It is already sold. We were arranging for some hauling and clean up after the weather calmed down. But I ran over last week to take the snow photos.  Most of you locals, know A&W – Anne and Wayne. They have a charming cabin next door. He was moving his car out before our last snow and asked about the cabin. Knowing he would love to see inside, we did our proper distancing and he got a tour with lots of laughs. The most current National Geographic was from 1964. We couldn’t even pretend to count all the acorns stashed around…

On the way out, I tried to get the door to close but it was so swollen from all the rain and snow, I couldn’t get it locked properly.  I jokingly invited him to bring Anne over for a peek and went home to snag my husband to help with the door. A few minutes later, the phone rang! A &W have been running out of projects and just had to have this little gem, too.

The past 10 years or so, I’ve been totally paperless. We real quick, wrote up the offer over the phone, they signed on-line, the seller was thrilled and we are to close this week!

Be sure to listen to the birds!!! I think they are singing “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s to the cabin we go….”

Bonnie Phelps, having fun in Real Estate


  1. Love it. Such a deal i got for you…

  2. Hilarious!!!

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