Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 21, 2020

Fresh air Fun – great video and music


Our Treasures were treated to wearing a couple dinosaur costumes at a dinner gathering on Palomar at Christmas. Thanks to South Graders, Chuck and Kimberly Meade. I giggle each time I think of those kids waddling through their farm as prehistoric animals.

The costumes were just like this on in the video below.  Of course, I had to click to see.   However, it brought tears to my eyes thinking how much this T. rex really wanted to just have his freedom back.   He needed some fresh air!

Thankful those of us on Palomar have such a beautiful place to be outside and hike in our woods, take in the amazing views, and enjoy our ever-changing weather, while staying close to home.

Be sure to click on the video and scroll to see and hear with the great music:

Police Caught A Man Outside In T-Rex Costume During Spain’s Coronavirus Lockdown


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