Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 17, 2020

Real Estate News from beautiful Palomar


Loving living life in the clouds at this very moment waiting for promised snow.  But, look the daffodils are already blooming!!!

Looking carefully at that garden of flowers, you can also see another wonderful sight!  A staked and pinned property corner with that bright orange flag!  Ah, what bliss! Very unusual and pretty special to have a recorded survey next door!  The happy buyers are looking forward to signing their loan docs in the morning and being our newest neighbors in time for our snowy weekend!

Just opening escrow on the Bailey Road cabin today!  This nice couple fell in love with Palomar while staying in three different vacation rentals, including ‘Mountain Music’ and just have to have this charming cabin as their very own.

Next week we should have the last LLC details finalized for the purchase of the South Grade land.  Those buyers are so anxious to make that fabulous view their own!  If you would like to purchase a property in an LLC, you might check into that advantage now.  There is a bit of time required to register an LLC with the state.  Ask me for info and I can point you in the right direction.

Met with cabin owners today at one of the fixers that wins the prize for needing the most love in my 20+ years on Palomar.  The family has so many happy memories of fun times at the cabin.  A few decades ago, they did permit new electrical and a septic system.  They also had the land surveyed and discovered one corner is on the other side of the neighbors fence just a bit. (Ohmygoodness, it must be Palomar!!!)

Almost out of inventory! The only cabin I have left on the open market at this very moment is Grandpa’s!  It could be the single best buy in all of Southern California for a cozy, Four Season escape or full time living like as so many are enjoying these days.  It is sooooo cute with so much love woven in, since 1921!

Cabin showings are a little different starting this week.  We still meet at our home office, but drive separately, distance ourselves while I open the doors with a soapy wipe.  Handshakes and hugs are reserved for later…

So, what are buyers looking for?  A PLACE TO GET AWAY from the crazy city stuff!  That has always been one key dream, but even more now.   Do you have a property you are thinking of parting with?  Let’s connect and get your questions answered.

Meanwhile, I’ll get the fire stoked and wish you could be here for a cup of soup from the crock pot…

All the best to YOU!

Bonnie Phelps





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