Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 21, 2019

Ice Scraper for YOU!?!


Could you use a free ice scraper?  Gene Powers, a former owner of that beautiful A-frame (now named Spotted Owl) at the end of Crestline, sent these gifts to share.  Gene moved to Iowa a few years ago and said they have these handy scrapers in every store.  He thought Palomar neighbors would appreciate having one tucked away in your car.

Glad to drop one off or reserve one for you to pick up.  Just let me know.

Oh, I have an idea!!!  I will have the basket at the Christmas Play tomorrow night.  One per family as supply lasts!

Merry Christmas from Gene in Snowy Iowa!



  1. How sweet of you and him to make this offer! Real Christmas Spirit!


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