Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 28, 2019

Getting to Palomar in the Snow and Tips


The cars parked in front of the Lodge are prepared for whatever comes our way.  Facing out, windshield wipers up and I saw some chains on. They are prepared.

If you are planning to come up and there is snow on the ground, the CHP will have a check-point at the bottom of the grades.

Do you own property up here?  Please be prepared to show your drivers license with your Palomar address, a copy of your tax or utility bill for proof of residency.   You might just keep a copy in the glove box of all vehicles.  Makes it real simple.

Vacation Rental folks will need to show their confirmation of their stay.  If travelers don’t have a 4WD, some guests have rented one.  They will usually need to at least show chains, if not asked to put them on.

Especially on holiday snow weekends, the traffic up here and lack of parking can be pretty crazy.  Friends and family should be prepared to show a text or email from you with your address.

Four wheel drive vehicles with good snow tires are always best.

Chains are usually required.

Be sure to have a shovel with you, windshield ice scraper,  and maybe a little comfort tote with water, snacks and whatever you might need if delayed with the traffic situation.  Kitty litter comes in handy in some situations where you might get stuck. I’ve also used my car floor mats… Click for important Snow Tips.

Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday and everyone stay safe out there!

Bonnie Phelps-by-the-fire


  1. Nicely done!

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