Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 10, 2019

Apple Encore & Tickets Sunday Afternoon

Thanks to all who volunteered to help pick the donated apples, for sign maker, Teresa McCarthy, all who stopped for apples and everyone who smiled and waved.  It was such a fun, happy success this morning that the kids picked and bagged another supply for the afternoon crowd tomorrow!

APPLE ENCORE and PLAY TICKETS at the top of the South Grade

Sunday afternoon, Nov. 10th, 1 until 3 or until supply runs out

It was so great to see these home-schooled mountain kids (shoes are optional) step away from some shyness, learning how to pitch their apples and theatre tickets, answer the questions, count out change, and call out a big ‘thank you’ as folks drove off.

It was a great experience for them to meet mountain neighbors, friends up from the city, tourists and campers, the CHP officers, Forest Service Crew, and even Abbot Septic Pumping Service who went away with free samples and bags of Palomar Mountain organic apples plus tickets to their show just 20 days away!

Got Kids?  Tomorrow you are welcome to stop by with your kids to help sell the apples.  It’s just good, old-fashioned fun seeing the community come together and support these kids. They were so excited to count each bag sold.  Their plan is to order props for the play with what they earned so far.

Yes, even real estate clients went home with apples today!  Started the day with a 7:45 appointment, helping at the booth, an inspection walk-through for a new escrow plus a showing this afternoon!  Think we have another new full-time couple heading our way!  Let’s see what tomorrow brings!  Hoping to see YOU… and yes, I’m glad to open the doors to cabins that are longing to be filled with the scents of simmering apples and  cinnamon!

Thank you All,

Bonnie Phelps

PS – Several city folks have asked to meet up for apple deliveries.  That can work out too as the 18 cast members are down for various lessons and activities during the week.


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