Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 7, 2019

New Owners for Birch Hill Home


Have some very happy folks heading our way!  Just closed escrow on a home out on Birch Hill.  It was my 4th time to represent a buyer for that property and I remembered the webpage from several sales ago: Click to see Mountain Rose.  It has been vacant for a while and the new owners have wonderful plans to restore and make it a lovely ‘Rose’ once again. You’ll meet them real soon as they will also be joining a growing number of full-timers living on this beautiful mountain!

Couldn’t have closed this escrow without Adam Denton, their wonderful lender.  He has a creative loan product that made it possible to get this property closed.  The buyer qualified just fine but some of these properties over the years can also have issues to work-around.  Thanks Adam for waving your magic wand!  Need a lender?  Considering a re-fi?  Connect with Adam!  

Questions about Real Estate?  I’m glad to get those answered!

Bonnie Phelps

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