Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 31, 2019

Apples For Sale


Only ‘treats’ for you at the Woodpecker Firewood Stand!

Those mountain kids are at it again!   18 locals are hard at work practicing for their Christmas Play that YOU are invited to!  Be sure to save Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.  They are fund-raising to cover production and costume costs.  So, they now have some fresh picked, organic, mountain apples bagged up and waiting for your pies, cobblers, applesauce and other goodies.

Simply stop by the stand on State Park Road and stock up!  If someone is around, we have free samples for you too!  Many thanks to a  couple neighbors who donated apples from their orchards.  There are several different delicious varieties.  You can choose your favorites or take home a bag ready to go. Suggested donation is $5.00 a bag and is on the honor system with a can at the stand which is open 24/7.

There are still some Beeswax/Pinecone Firestarters available too, plus firewood, always some great mountain cedar to warm up with this crisp fall weather!

Thank you and everyone be extra safe tonight!

Bonnie for the Kids



  1. those apples are great to give to the trick or treat kids in town.

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