Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 27, 2019

Update after Power Outage

Fall for listings..

As most of you know, Palomar’s power was off a couple days.  We were all very thankful when it was restored yesterday morning.

It had been pretty quiet for real estate showings this week.  Thinking folks were keeping tabs on the weather with our strong winds predicted.

My first appointment yesterday was so fun to be back opening doors!  Such beautiful fall weather and a pleasure to share Palomar options with potential neighbors.  When you book an appointment with me we can see any and all listings offered on the beautiful mountain that we also call ‘home’.  Since I am ‘sold’ myself, you have lots of first hand info for weekending or joining us as full timers.

Two new listings have signs going up this week!  Glad to get YOUR questions answered and love to have you join us! Running out for another showing now, but first need to stoke the fire!  Hooray for wood stoves to take off the chill!

Happy Fall Y’all!

Bonnie Phelps




  1. Bonnie, Attached is a very short book I am going to publish. Hope you have time to read it and will comment on it, RegardsFred Brown

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