Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 13, 2019

Update and “Open Cabins” Today!


What an exciting week!  Finished staging ‘Grandpa’s Cabin’ then had inspections at Mountain Rose with a traffic jam out on Birch Hill.  Center Septic, Pott Belly Shop, the property inspector and buyer were all checking things out.  The septic failed!!!  Tree roots are suspect but Ron Bowen to the rescue to wave his magic wand and promises to make everything happy again.  Everything took longer than anyone planned so I slipped away to the closest apple trees!  Tom Fortney obliged and saved the guys with his bounty from his orchard.

The owners of Falling Cedar were patiently waiting for me.  I was late, late, late and starving (!) as those apples seemed like so long ago.  MaryJo fed me lunch.  It tasted like something from a 5 Star Restaurant!  (Thank you!)  We took off on a hike to find the property corners.  That was an adventure!!!  We ended up hiking down a steep dirt road.  I’d heard there was an old Model T that got stuck down there decades ago.  We found it.  Poor car.  It has seen better days. Yes, that car is still stuck:


The next day an appraiser was up and I had an assistant with me.  My youngest grandson, Atticus.  He is a Realtor-in-Training and learned how to measure with a laser and found the three secret hiding places in this wonderful cabin that I am now selling for the fourth time!


We had an appointment to meet the travelers staying at a Vacation Rental.  They were here from London, England and staying at Cabin Fever for their 3rd time!  It is always so interesting to meet guests from around the world who find our little piece of paradise up here on Palomar.  They have been coming on holiday to this mountain for the past 18 years.  When they learned I was a realtor, they just had to go on a tour.  Their very own vacation rental sounds so intriguing!  So we took off to see cabins:


Francesca is wearing her favorite shirt that she only gets to wear one week out of the year! Her logger mountain shirt! They will be here a few more days and may check out the Open Houses scheduled for tomorrow. If you see them, be sure and say hello and you’ll get to enjoy hearing their wonderful accents from the other side of the pond.

Atticus is also learning to be a photographer! When I went through my camera, I saw he even took the photo of his ‘GramBonnie’ opening the door. Well, that’s what I will be doing tomorrow. Sunday from 1 to 4, look for my real estate signs. When you see one with Open House signs out, come on in! Love to meet up! I’ll be at one, you might meet one of the cabin owners at another, and I do have my lender, Adam Denton coming up to help.

Considering a refi? Like to see what the interest rates are doing now? Adam has done quite a few loans up here now. He has some great products and his customer service (his wife!!!) is amazing.

Can I interest you in some chocolates or mountain apples while touring charming cabins? Come on out tomorrow!

Hope to see you soon! Very soon! I’m long past turning into a pumpkin!

Good night,

Bonnie Phelps



  1. Sounds like you are having too much fun. 🙂

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