Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 2, 2019

For Sale signs going up!



Often new listings take very little staging or prep to get the photos taken and put on the market.  Not the past few months!  This is one of those times I spend much longer assisting to get things ready before my sign goes up than after.  Currently properties are finishing up getting groomed for Cal Fire and Forestry safety requirements, but most important so buyers can get and keep insurance. The contractor, painters, roofers, handymen, are almost done at some new listings.  Sellers are about ready getting some things taken care of so we have a few more cabins ready for your viewing pleasure!   Running out to put up more signs for some photos today so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, it has been a busy week with showings back-to-back and two offers.  We have such a low inventory and more and more full timers are dreaming of making Palomar their home.  We could use some properties with more bedrooms.  Some of the folks are ok with a fixer (depends on their terms as some lenders have stiffer requirements) but some are looking to move right in.  Always, little cabins are in demand for weekend getaways.  This is the perfect time to market and show so the new buyers can be in when the snow is falling.

Glad to get your questions answered anytime.  New listings heading your way soon!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor-on-the-run!

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