Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 14, 2019

ADU for YOU?


Most of you have heard about Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs in the news.  In January of last year some intriguing options with the county building department opened up.

Basically, the rules for adding a second living area on your property, relaxed, and fees were reduced.  With our smaller lots in the Crestline, Birch Hill and Bailey area, most parcels would not be able to fit another unit since, at this time, each would need to have their own septic system.  However, there is a possibility of larger lots being able to add a garage/ADU.

At this time an ADU can be a small ‘tiny house’ or up to 1200 sf.  1200 feet is larger than most of our cabins!  A few properties I know of might keep their little cabin and add something bigger as a main house.  An ADU can also be attached!  Lots of options to add to your property with quite a savings over the next few years while this opportunity is in place.

If you are considering adding another structure to your property, or adding on to your existing cabin or home, perhaps by the name of a granny flat, companion unit, guest house, studio or workshop, it you might really appreciate this information.  From what I understand, pulling a permit after Jan. 1st would require solar.  Prior to the first of the year, apparently does not.  That is something to consider with the height of our trees in some areas and the effectiveness of solar.   If interested, pulling a permit prior to the first of the year could save you some money.

The North San Diego County Association of Realtors, NSDCAR is hosting a free event for homeowners to get their questions answered:

Wednesday, September 25th from 4 to 8:30 at Center for the Arts.

Click for more information and to reserve your seat.  I saw there are 38 seats available tonight.

The Union Tribune also has a very informative article here including a 42 page pdf of a informative handbook.

I’m always glad to be a resource to help get questions answered.

Bonnie Phelps


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