Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 7, 2019

Happy Memories of the Day Family

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From: Kristin Sanders  

Hi, I came across your website when I found my old friend Lois Day on your Palomar Mountain (and was heartbroken). In the 1970’s my dad and mom, Steve and Leta Sanders lived at the Country Road Station on Palomar, as my dad worked there. They were such good friends with Rich and Lois Day from Nate Harrison Grade, but had lost touch.

I was a little kid when I got to know and love the Days. I saw my first snow on Palomar one Christmas with them. I think I was three. Lois always wrapped me in that big hug of hers.  So special.  She made me a Raggedy Ann doll that I still cherish 39 years later.

Everything about the Day family was different and exotic to me- the log cabin, the rocking chair, the ancient phone on their wall (well, everything on their walls)…

I played with the Labradors and even got a pup from one of the litters- a strapping black male the same size as myself!  I still remember their funny dog, Buckwheat, that sat like a human, even in the back of the truck! And Russ put me on the back of his motorbike once for a wild ride!

I’d been trying to find the family all these years…then found the memorial page. I love you Day Family and all my happy memories of Palomar Mountain!

Kristin and Mom (Leta Sanders)

kristin and leta


  1. Thank you, Bonnie. It’s always so special to hear other people’s memories of those we love.

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