Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 30, 2019

Friends of Vic and Kay Butler


From: April Sandell (Daughter of Vic and Kay Butler)
Subject: Memories of Vic and Kay Butler’s retirement from Palomar State Park

I’m writing to you regarding my Mom’s (Kay Butler) recent passing on August 10, 2019 at nearly 98 years old.

My Dad passed on Dec. 28, 1999.  My folks made life long friends during their time on Palomar.  Really true friends, to say the least.

The Palomar Mountain Do-Nothing Club and lunch bunch gals met every month.  In later years after some of the gals retired and moved down, they met at Marie Calendars in Escondido for many happy times.  Some had been friends for more than 50 years. Irene McCulloch suggested I might try to contact you and she also provided the photo collage.


I found the Palomar Mountain Views II book dated 1983-84. My Dad’s retirement story is on inside on page 80:

“After 17 years of service with the California State Department of Parks and Recreation in a maintenance capacity, Vic Butler retired officially on April, 1983.  (No fooling).

Vic and Kays many friends honored them at a retirement party held on June 14, at the Observatory “Rec Hall” where they were presented with a top notch gas Barbecue.  (Loren Dietz says it works real fine!)

To cap the climax, the State Parks maintenance crew at Cuyamaca headquarters built a FIRST CLASS wooden maintenance cart for Vic’s future operations.  According to “reliable sources” the cart is 6 feet long, complete with rubber tires (2) a pipe frame, wire mesh sides, water spigot, toilet seat, a “hi-fi” earphone, and a sign: “Vic’s Maintenance Service”.  (We don’t know if the plumbing is “in”).

We will all miss Vic and Kay and their friendly, unselfish involvement in so many activities on The Mountain.

It is hard to part with such good friends.  We wish them happiness, health and our best for their future in Hemet.”


We are so thankful for the many friends and wonderful time my folks had on Palomar Mountain.

With gratitude,

April and Family




  1. Yep, I’m in some of those photos. Loved Vic and Kay. Long time park and mountain friends. My husband at the time and I moved into the Ceder Grove house after they moved out. I had no idea Kay was still alive till this month. Remember going to Vic’s service in Riverside. Some of my all time favorite people.
    Sharon Kilgore Dall

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Bonnie.

    I remember well how much my dear Aunt Lois loved her friend Kay. And how fun to see all the photos and especially to see Aunt Lois and Kay right there in the first photo! The Butlers were good friends to Uncle Rich and Aunt Lois. Ninety-eight! Wow! A life well lived and now she’s enjoying Heaven. I’m certain Aunt Lois was happy to see her.

    Cathy Day

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