Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 31, 2019

Welcome Bill and Vicki Steyn

Bill and Vicki Steyn

Several years ago Bill and Vicki Steyn had their first tour of Palomar. They would come back every once in a while to see the lasted offerings.  When I posted Rusty Spurs Retreat as a ‘Coming Soon’, I thought of them.  A very quick buyer came the very next day from out of state, but after a couple weeks and some medical issues, that didn’t work out.  I remembered Vicky was a Facebook friend and sent her a link to the photos.  I just knew they’d love it!

You see, they’d recently sold their home in the country.  It was on 5 acres in the foothills of Tollhouse, up near Merced.  They have a condo in Oceanside by family, but it is at sea level, of all things!!!  Bill was missing his shop!!!  The basement is so perfect.  Vicky loves the cabin all on one level and Bill has great plans to get back to woodworking after checking off a list of projects for the cabin.

Our newest New Neighbors celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary in November. They have a son and a daughter and now 5 grandkids make life extra special.  Vicki retired from nursing as a very gifted hospice nurse.  Bill invested many years at Point Magoo working for the Federal Government in electronics warfare.  He also worked as a property inspector and their new mountain getaway gets an A+!

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