Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 31, 2019

Got Thistles?

64379373_354098311953193_5918507329510178816_n     67218290_944912589182104_8426973366602170368_n

All that wonderful spring rain really brought up a lot of thistles this year!  They are everywhere!  If you try to pick the pretty purple flower or happen to brush against the leaves, you will be pretty miserable.

Some areas it is against the law to have these thistles growing on your property.  Good news.  It is easy to get rid of them.  Use a shovel to lift the tap root out of the ground.  You can safely touch the root and put the plant in the trash or burn it in a campfire.  You’ll want to remove them as soon as possible.  If they go to seed, next year, they will really multiply.  Click for more info and Happy Shoveling!

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