Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 25, 2019

New Neighbors – TWICE!


How did Marty and Jasmin come to fall in love with Palomar enough to have two properties up here?

Raised in Canada and missing the beautiful views, Jasmin looked forward to escaping her crazy-busy and very stressful schedule as the charge nurse at Sharp Hospital.  On her days off, she would get in her car and drive to the back country.  She explored all over the county to take in the scenery with tall trees and abundance of nature.

Meanwhile, very busy Dr. Fineman had a nice nurse assisting occasionally but she really didn’t catch his eye until a costume party one Halloween.  Jasmin was dressed up as a cute little black cat and he couldn’t resist.  The fell in love, were married and had a goal to have a weekend escape on their favorite mountain that Jasmine had introduced  Marty  to when they were dating.

Ten years ago this weekend, Marty and Jasmin purchased their home on Palomar.  As weekenders, they have spent every chance they get enjoying their private forest and lovely, secluded home.  Now they are celebrating with another beautiful property, just 20 minutes across the mountain.  It is an unpainted canvas with open meadows, framed with gorgeous trees and magnificent views across Warner’s Valley to Lake Henshaw, the Pacific and the Observatory.  The perfect setting to take in the invigorating mountain air, relax, refresh and dream of building their retirement dream home… and then finish their weekend off at their home-in-the-woods.  Ah, life is grand!   



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