Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 29, 2019

New Neighbors Rick and Rachel Robinson


The first camping trip for the Robinson family was at the Observatory Campground. Ever since that very special experience under our starry nights, it has always been a delightful dream to have a home on the mountain.  Their dream just came true!  They are looking forward to being full-time eventually and home school their children Ryder and Rowen, plus their niece Riley.  Meanwhile Rick works in construction with a company that does property management.  He can do just about anything so I am guessing he could become pretty popular on Palomar. Rachel is in the restaurant industry, working at WildWood Crossing… I’m thinking that would be a lovely name for their cabin!  The children are so excited to be at their home in the woods and even got a bit of snow when they were moving in!  Hooray, even more kids for Kids Club!



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