Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 27, 2019

3rd cabin closing!


Real estate has sure been busy this week with three escrows closing. I haven’t even had a minute to post ‘Sold’ signs so this one will have to do.

The little 80 year old fixer that had half the roof blow off in a storm last summer is (finally) in the hands of a new owner.  Observatory Ridge Views might win the prize for the longest escrow in my 21 years.  We opened in August.  I’d sold it before but this time a new burdening easement surfaced. That easement gobbed up almost half of the land! Lots of work was done with title, the county, and neighbors to puzzle it out and get a clean plan of action.  Everyone was now content to move forward.  The new owners have great plans to restore and add their touches to make it a much-loved cabin once again.

A very happy couple and their daughter are moving this weekend to the Happy A-Frame in the Woods. They were up to seal wood floors yesterday and are so excited to join the full-timers here on the mountain.  Another addition to Kids Club!  Hooray!

Rusty Spurs had TWO buyers!  I first posted it on a Thursday night on Palomar Mountain News. The next day a couple drove over from Phoenix and we wrote up their offer.  They left on a trip for two weeks but had some medical issues and had to cancel – so sorry.  Moving ahead to market it again, I started with an album on Facebook.  I remembered a couple that had seen cabins up here several times had friended me last year or so.  I tagged her on the album.  That basement workshop had her husband’s name all over it!  They came to see, opened escrow and it was just confirmed a few minutes ago.

Recently we have had so much extra work done on cabins to get them ready to market and also to satisfy lenders.  Depending on the loan, some lenders do not like chipped paint, properties without a ‘permanent source of thermostat controlled heat’ or leaking roofs.  Do you need new carpet, drywall work, water heater or stove?  Does your cabin need a little love, repairs that need to happen, stuff to go away?  We have a growing list of options to get the job done.  Glad to help.

I’ve promised more new listings and they are in the works!  Owners are coming from Texas to have a last stay at their cabin, 10 acres of land is getting some road work done, another cabin is having some remodeling and a wood stove installed, a well-build, lovely view home is in the works…  please stay tuned!

Meanwhile, we are at an all-time low and many buyers waiting!  Do you have a ranch, home, cabin or land you’ve considered selling?  Let’s get your questions answered.

Happy Summer to All!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor

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