Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 1, 2019

Saturday Fun


When you live on a little mountain extra opportunities are always fun and a chance to meet some great mountain folks!

Let’s see, tomorrow you could load up bright and early to drop off unwanted stuff at  Dumpster Days.  Then head on over to Dave and Nancy’s yard sale!  They are planning a move to Maine and have some treasures that just might be a great find for you!  Follow the bright green signs on Crestline!

How about lunch at Mother’s Kitchen?  Great omelets on weekends. My lunch favorite would be the Nacho Supreme, and you’ve gotta have a smoothie!

For those interested in Real Estate, I always have some doors to open for you and extra keys in my pocket…

We have a brand new family that just arrived with two children, another family with one are excited to close escrow real soon. Inspections are also this week for a new couple who have finally found the perfect cabin!

New listings heading our way, too!   Let’s connect!  The trees have leafed out, rain is over for a while and Spring has arrived above the clouds. Need to get out there and take those marketing photos!

Looking forward to helping with all your real estate needs and seeing YOU ’round the mountain!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor

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