Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 21, 2019

From Palomar to Chula Vista!

paulas flowers

A few weeks ago I was heading down the mountain for a couple days away.  Some of the properties I’d been working with were sooooooo complicated.  I was looking forward to a nice break.  That cowboy of mine was off buying another horse so an invite to stay with a friend in San Diego and just play, sounded wonderful.

On the way down the grade, my phone rang.
It was Paula, the owner of some land up here that had been in escrow forever.  We still weren’t quite finished.  I felt bad as I explained that last ‘t to cross’ escrow was working out.  Paula was fine and went on to ask if I’d show her a home she had been driving by for about a decade.  It was finally for sale in her home town of Chula Vista!  

(But I was to be vacationing and I’d never even been to Chula Vista!)  I pulled over, took some info, and planed on doing some research to source a great option for an agent in her area.  However, when I arrived at my friend’s home, she sat down on the couch and said, “I’ve been thinking about making a career change.  I’ve had people tell me I’d make a great Realtor. What is it like? What do you do?”   Ohmygoodness!  I took a big breath and asked if she would like to show a home with me in Chula Vista!  What a surprise to learn we were only about 12 minutes away!

We had a ball.  It was my first time to meet Paula and so nice to be by her side with her home purchase.  Escrow closed on the mountain the next day.  A month later Paula had keys to her dream house with a nice yard and beautiful flowers!  Plans came together quickly to remodel before moving in.  My friend and I are looking forward to seeing the transformation real soon!

Here is a note from Paula:

“There was a lovely hidden away small townhouse complex that I’d been “stalking” for years.  Periodically driving through it looking for for sale signs.  Every time one of them was for sale I’d troop though the open house and check it out, deciding it wasn’t the right one.  There were four of them in the very best place at the back of the property that had never come up in all of the years I’d been looking.  Patience, I’d tell myself.  One day, hopefully.   

Meanwhile there was some property I had on top of Mt. Palomar that had been for sale for years.  I’d gone through at least three maybe four agents who weren’t able to sell it over 10 years.  An escrow person I knew suggested Bonnie and said that she knew “everything” about Palomar and she was right.  Bonnie sold the property, finessed an easement and got the title glitch straightened out.  Just as that property sold a townhouse in the complex I’d been looking at came up for sale.  Bonnie handled that transaction for me and voilá:   four acres on Mt. Palomar becomes a great home in Chula Vista!   

Thank you, Bonnie, you are the only person who could have figured all of this out plus remaining calm, professional, and always positive.”  Paula

And that friend in San Diego?  Yes, she’d be a fabulous Realtor!

Meanwhile, back on the mountain…  Today’s dusting is pretty much melted and when these clouds roll away, it couldn’t be better timing for Spring photos of the latest offerings.

Glad to get your questions answered about real estate most anywhere and anytime,

Bonnie Phelps


  1. Ahhh….what a lovely letter from a happy client of yours. Very nice story!

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