Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 3, 2019

Like to place an Ad?

From: Susan Humason

Hello Palomar Mountain Community…

The Palomar Mountain Planning Organization is about to publish their annual newsletter for distribution.
If anyone is interested in placing an ad,
spots are available. Ads are subject to approval.

Pricing follows:

PMPO Newsletter Ad Pricing:
BC: 2”x3.5” $35
Lg BC : 3”x3.5” $45
1/6 Page: 4”x4” $50
1/4 Page: 4”x5” $60
1/2 Page: 5”x8” $100
Full Page: 8”x10” $175

Ads need to be print-ready (high resolution pdf files) in the size noted above.
Checks to be made out to Palomar Mountain Planning Organization.
Deadline May 8 for submission.

Questions…contact Susan Humason at or 858-922-7692.

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