Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 24, 2019

April Snow?

april snow 2011

Yes!  A foot of snow surprised us in 2010. This year we have sunshine and blue sky. It is still chilly out so I did have a jacket on for a couple septic inspections.  (Not that bright pink one – it is long-gone, I promise!)

We just got back from a few days away.  It was so beautiful to turn on to East Grade, coming up from Lake Henshaw.  The oaks at the lower elevations are already leafed out.  Several listings are waiting in the wings for spring photos and those will happen in the next couple weeks or so.

Meanwhile, the two, three story homes on my website, each had two offers.  Looks like we have fulltime families with 4 more kids joining us!

Escrow (finally!!!) closed on the 4 view acres.  It will be fun to watch the progress on that property.  Thanks to a neighbor for signing off on the easement, and survey help from the buyer, that land now has a deeded easement to the public road.  The county requires proper access to pull building permits so that was a very important addition to that title report.

Another escrow is very close.  A new roof (the third new roof recently!) went on and a leach field was needed.  Almost ready to sign off on contingencies and turn over to the new owner.  Some of these escrows recently have been pretty complicated!

Thinking of selling?  What ever situation you have with your ranch, home, cabin, lots or land, we can work together to check off the boxes and find the perfect buyer.  After all the rain in the cities and above the clouds, many buyers are so anxious to have a place of their own up here. Let’s connect!

My little mountain-made website for Palomar Properties needs updating but that will be another time.  Meanwhile, there are just a couple options left for you to explore.

Snow boots not needed.  Come on up!

Bonnie Phelps




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