Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 8, 2019



This sure has been a beautiful couple days after our last snow!


The bright blue sky was calling to me so I kidnapped a ‘driver’ and we took off.  That cowboy was pretty patient as we were out for a couple hours.  I couldn’t resist hiking around to capture lots of snow photos of current listings to head your way real soon.

But, alas!  My ears got so cold and really ached!  About that time we saw Mountain Contractor, Tom Fortney.  I mentioned my ears and he cautioned that the same thing happened to him and I needed to keep my ears covered.  Just a tip for all of you with our lower-than-normal temps. (Thanks Tom for the fun pic of me with no hat! I’ll remember next time).

Here is a peek of the first two cabins-in-the-snow with more to come in next couple days!

Isn’t this Happy A-Frame charming with a blanket of snow? More details are here.  The cabin is fresh and new and waiting for YOU!

The Forest Retreat has so many possibilities with the extra land. Please click on the video, below, turn your sound on, and take a look around!  Then, let’s go see!

Don’t forget your hat!!!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor-in-the-Snow


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