Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 24, 2018

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…


Such beautiful sunsets lately!  Guessing many of you are also enjoying the scents of the seasons coming from the kitchen and time ’round your fire.

What an exciting and action-packed couple months for Real Estate on Palomar!  I haven’t had many minutes to spare to even update you.  I don’t remember ever being this busy – and learning so much at the same time.

Real Estate a hundred plus years ago was often pretty casual so easements require more defined wording to hold up now.  It is such a blessing to have a wonderful title officer and such helpful contacts at the county, to guide me with some of these challenging situations.

Do you know about an ‘overlap’ on Crestline plat maps?  First time I’d heard of it was with a recent escrow.  Oh my, to get that one closed was pretty creative but now is crystal clear for all for generations to come.  I was so thankful for the seller, buyers and a neighbor that were such a pleasure to deal with getting it finalized. An old deed was a fabulous find researching an adjoining parcel made the difference to (finally) close the Bailey Meadow cabin, too.

We also a survey crew out last week flagging corners of that 68 acres in escrow.  That property had no record of a survey all these years.  However, living up her full time the past 20 years, I realized (in the middle of the night) every property contiguous to land had been surveyed in the past.  Further research didn’t show several being recorded so it took some time to puzzle it out.  We went off old records so the surveyors were able to GPS and use a pipe finder, taking them right to the pins covered with years of erosion.  Saved a lot of money and the buyer can now be confident knowing where the property lies.  An known encroachment needed to be addressed.  All is well now with everyone happy.

Of course the most fun is when I get to slip away from my computer and be out and about on the mountain.  I enjoy so much guiding staging for new properties (please stay tuned!) and meeting folks dreaming of their own piece of paradise on Palomar.

Keeping track over the years, there are five cabin owners that first toured property they just had to have on Christmas Day!  Time will tell if we add to that number this year.  We do have a few properties to choose from and always glad to open doors.

We are promised a dusting – just a dusting – of snow for Christmas.  Wishing you a merry one at this most wonderful time of year!

Bonnie Phelps-with-the-hot-chocolate-simmering

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