Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 4, 2018

Smoke OK tonight and tomorrow, too!


This is what the smoke on Palomar looked like to Jim and Teresa McCarthy today as they were heading our way from SD.  More smoke tonight and tomorrow is being well cared for by Tim and crew and more.

Thanks for doing what you can to make our mountain more fire safe!

Birch Hill Rx Burning

Well as we anticipated the burning was slow going at first and as the day progressed piles burned better and we achieved the results we were looking for.  As the sun starts to set our Rx Fire Practitioners’ are getting the last of the piles lite before it really cools off and darkness sets in.  We will have folks on the burn overnight.  If you have a concern or question, I will have my phone near by, so don’t hesitate call.  I would rather you call me and get your question answered quickly and correctly rather than stay up all night wondering.  Thank you for reading this and we appreciate the support as we generate this GOOD Rx Smoke vs the BAD Wildland Smoke that contains who knows what that we fight all summer long and all over the United States, and beyond.  I would also like to thank our cooperators at CALFIRE/County Fire who provided a couple of crews from 10-1430 and a couple of engines for Structure protection.
The plan is to burn again tomorrow in front of the rain headed our direction later in the week.
Thank you for reading this long winded update
-Tim Gray BC33

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