Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 30, 2018

Have your tickets for a fun show?


The Christmas classic, Scrooge, opens tomorrow night!

Recognize this neighbor?  One of our mountain residents plays 4 characters with 7 quick costume changes that include wigs, hoop skirts, lace up boots and many layers of clothing… Jody Villarreal also teaches voice and music on the mountain.  She shares her amazing talent in these wonderful plays several times a year.

Four oh-so-cute kids that call me ‘GramBonnie’ and a tall guy that calls me ‘Mom’ are also in the show.  Plus, three more girls from Palomar are all at the dress rehearsal tonight.  Our daughter-in-law is putting finishing touches on too many costumes to count!  Lots of fun in store! Hope you have a chance to take in this show!

Friday and Saturday nights with Sunday Matinees over the next two weeks.

Here is a link for tickets or you can also get them at the door.

“God Bless us, Everyone!”  Tiny Tim

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