Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 7, 2018

New Neighbors Times Three!


Five years ago, Jim and Teresa McCarthy found a perfect cabin and closed escrow on their 20th Wedding Anniversary!  With 6 grown kids and now 21 grandkids, they look forward to time away from their busy city schedules. As other vacation rentals popped up, they decided to offer Spotted Owl Chalet as a rental when their family wasn’t using it.

A couple years ago, they couldn’t resist the view from a second cabin.  This one was a fixer.  Jim has been using his skills as a plumber and a can-do-anything guy.  Teresa is so good with decorating.  Together they are making that cabin-with-the-yellow-door, deserving of the amazing view.   It’s still a work in progress but meanwhile, another opportunity popped up!

Running an errand together a few short weeks ago, Teresa asked about one of my signs.  I said, “That sign takes us to the Definition of Cute!”  We pulled in and the rest is history! Escrow closed the week of their 25th Anniversary!  Oh my, they know how to celebrate!  New furniture arrives tomorrow!

But there is more!  The first part of November, Jim retired after 26 years as the general manager of a plumbing company.   And, drum roll!!!  Teresa hung up her apron as a Bakery Operations Field Specialist.  She served many Albertsons and Vons stores in Southern Cal and was oh-so-ready for something new.  They decided to rent their city home to family and live on Palomar full time! Their plans are for an ever-changing adventure, moving between whatever cabin is available with their two adorable pups.

You’ll see them out walking Pirate and Fanny, so be sure to say “hello”. No slowing down for these retirees!

So glad to have Jim and Teresa loving life on the mountain!

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