Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 5, 2018

New Neighbors Anthony and Holly


Anthony and Holly hosted a Tail Gate Party for Trunk or Treat!  Such a fun idea!  They have lots of fun ideas for their new home on Palomar!  Full-timers, they are all set with 4WD and looking forward to our Four Seasons and the adventure of mountain living.  Thrilled with having their own well, they plan a garden and chickens eventually, but presently installing new flooring and making their house a home.  Holly works from home with insurance auditing and Anthony is a Heating and Air Conditioning Technician!  Thinking he will be doing some jobs on Palomar real soon – we have needed someone up here with his skills!   That candy was a treat but if you ever have a chance to try their home made banana bread… ohmygoodness!  It is wonderful!

Welcome Anthony and Holly!

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