Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 3, 2018

New Neighbors Bob and Susan Perez


It was so fun to meet Bob and Susan Perez at Trunk or Treat!  They are one of our newest neighbors. Bob has been camping on Palomar for years and has fond memories back packing under the starry sky.  They both loved the peace and serenity of a beautiful forest. Susan however, appreciates things like blow dryers and sleeping indoors with a cozy fire. So, they have the best of both worlds with their mountain retreat.

Bob worked with a power company.  He sang that song ‘I am a lineman…’ for many years and retired supervising.  Susan has been a much-loved Pre-K and kindergarten teacher.

Their three grown children grew up in Scouting.  Both sons made Eagle Scout so have had many great times in the mountains. The most excited are those grandkids who can hardly wait until their next trip to the family cabin.

Welcome Bob and Susan!

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