Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 21, 2018

More Full-Timers! Real Estate Update

Hoping you had a wonderful week!  Mine has sure been busy!

It started off with closing escrow for the Definition of Cute.  Those buyers purchased their first cabin 5 years ago for their 20th Anniversary.  Picked up a fixer-still-in-the-process a couple years ago, now had to have this turn-key cabin just oozing with cuteness to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary last week.  They are moving up full time over the next couple months as retirement arrived!  They love their times on Palomar celebrating family with grown kids near by and all those grand children.

The Mountain View Home has very happy full-timers heading our way!  My brother knew the owner’s son, so Tom got the listing.  It was so fun to team up again and work through the transaction with the best brother in the world!

Quite a few of you toured the home and I showed it to several folks contemplating full time living on Palomar.  It will be a couple years commuting until retirement but these new owners are so looking forward to coming home to their never-ending view and all the remodeling plans they have in store.

The last escrow for the 34 acres on Panorama Trail cancelled.  That made the newest buyers very happy.  They had been watching it closely and realized it really was their dream to build on Palomar on that fabulous view land.  This time they snatched it up real quick!  The new buyers were one of two parties that came back to see it a second time on Friday.  The first time for all was our last very rainy day so the view out was nothing but a very white, drippy cloud.  Those showings were quite interesting to me.  They caused me to look down and appreciate the beauty of the land, right around my feet!  That included discovering amazing rock on the property with black tourmaline woven through.  It just may become the second fabulous fireplace wall on the mountain made of the same stone!

There is an album waiting for you of my “Rainy Day Walk in the Clouds” … but that land is spoken for!  The buyers have a lovely home on Crestline they have enjoyed the past 10 years as weekenders.  With retirement just around the corner, they plan to sell their city place and enjoy their Crestline home while they build their dream on their 34 acres.

Working hard to find buyers for the two homes I have left for your viewing pleasure.   Just listed a charming 3 bedroom cabin… Working through inspections, surveys, utilities and moving days to hand over the keys to new buyers real soon for Happy Holler and Sleeping Beauty.  Still finalizing easements for that amazing view land out at that lookout off East Grade…

Meanwhile, there has been an amazing line of cars going by on their way to the State Park.  They do have several parking options for us with very fun shuttles.  My cowboy is back and we are ‘ready to ride’ down for our shuttle.

Happy Apple Day!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor


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